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Body and mind – physical and mental exercises to combat inflammation

In the following pages we give you a brief overview of some of our favourite forms of anti-inflammatory exercises. There are countless anecdotal records of exercise helping to relieve illness and scientific studies have shown that regular exercise has been shown to reduce the inflammatory markers in the body such as C-reactive protein. Of course, it is no secret that if you exercise regularly there are many other benefits such as weight-loss, improved cardiovascular fitness and better mental health.

Over the long term, exercise can help the body deal more effectively with chronic conditions through its anti-inflammatory effect. As you exercise you put stress on the muscles fibres and create a short-term inflammatory response in the body. When you stop exercising the body’s healing processes begin and over time, as it gets used to the exercise, the inflammatory response lessens. Our favourite exercise regimes listed below are ones that anyone can enjoy not matter what your level of fitness.