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Welcome to a pathway to better health
Anti-inflammatory life is dedicated solely to help you develop a lifestyle to alleviate inflammation in your body. Here you’ll find information on diet, foods and supplements, fitness of the body and mind, and therapies that can lead you to better general health and help reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions.

Inflammation in the body
Inflammation is the body’s natural response to damage to its tissues, whether from injuries, viruses and germs or poisons. Inflammation occurs as the body acts to contain the damage and allow the affected area to heal. However, when inflammation is out of control – as if often the case with sufferers of auto-immune diseases – it can spread around the body causing permanent damage to internal organs, soft tissue, cartilage and bone.

The best person to help you is yourself
Whether you are thinking about a total life-change or just wanting to make a few healthy choices you’ll find a wealth of information here. Our anti-inflammatory website brings you articles, real-life blogs, great recipes and top tips to start your journey. You’ll also find a directory of anti-inflammatory product and service providers, and links to other resources that can help you in your quest.

Why I chose self-help – Ken’s story.

LIpicSince been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2007 I’d relied upon prescription drugs to keep it under control. For several years they did the job. However, in 2014 they seemed to stop working and the response from the medical profession was to give me more drugs. Despite regular increases in the dosage, the inflammation continued to progress and on the worst days I was in constant pain and virtually immobile. With the time between consultations being increased rather than decreased I felt my consultant had given up on me and I concluded that self-help was my best option. After much research I decided on two strategies. The first was to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet based mostly on fresh, wholesome and natural food and secondly to improve my mobility through exercise. Overnight, I cut sugar and refined grains from my diet. I also started practising Bikram yoga three times a week. Over time I added many elements to my new lifestyle and removed others. It’s early days but already I have seen significant improvements. The inflammation and pain in my joints has greatly subsided, I have movement and flexibility beyond that at my initial diagnosis eight years ago and am free of pain most days. I’m still taking the medication but have managed to reduce them by 30%. I’m happy to share my experiences with you, and tell you about the changes I made in my lifestyle. Why not join me as I continue my anti-inflammatory journey? Best wishes and good luck to you all. Ken

Why I chose self-help – Marlon’s story.

Marlon biog picEven as a child I had a great appreciation of food and everything about it. My love for food is beyond food itself. It is about memories relating to aromas and flavours, love for your loved ones and all the paraphernalia around it, not to mention the fun and joy shared with the everyone involved. As an adult I made the decision one day to change the course of my life and pursue a career in food. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu cookery school I worked at one of the best pastisseries in Atlanta and later at the Five Diamond French restaurant, Joel.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. After four operations on my arms I did not notice much improvement. Shortly afterwards I moved to London where I came across a Bikram yoga studio in Soho. It was here that my journey to better health began. Slowly but surely after some weeks of practice I realised that the yoga was helping to relieve my pain and discomfort, and provide me with many other benefits such as improved breathing and a greater ability to relax.

My interest in an anti-inflammatory lifestyle started when some of the people around me were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases and I started to look for information about them. It was not news to me that by changing  diet we can improve our health but I did learn that by increasing our intake of certain foods and avoiding others it is possible to see improvements in auto immune conditions.

I invite you to follow my anti-inflammatory journey for a healthier and happier life. As we build the website you’ll find interviews, testimonials, helpful information, resources and easy, delicious anti-inflammatory recipes that will help to keep you motivated! You’ll also be able to read the life stories of the friends who inspired me.

I’m convinced that we have come to this world to be happy and happiness is not simply a goal, it is a pathway. If you trip over during your journey, do not worry! I do it a lot…lol. The main thing is to get up and carry on. We will help you with that! I wish you a happy body, spirit and mind. Marlon

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