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By Marlon Cortés

My experience with Bikram yoga began couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. After four operations on my arms I did not noticed much improvement. When I moved to London by the first time, a couple of years ago, I bumped into a Bikram Yoga studio in Soho where I started my practice and got of those trial memberships. At that time I the pain on my hand kept me awake for days. At the end of the trial I had slept 8 out 10 nights which was wonderful. I realised that doing this kind of yoga helped me with the pain and discomfort plus many other benefits.

I do remember my first Bikram class. OMG! I thought it was going to be a regular yoga class. I was so naive…. Rushed into the the class, got in the hot room with my t-shirt and loose shorts a bit of water and a towel. The instructor was very kind to explain how the class was going to be. After 5 minutes my t-shirt was off. I have no idea how I survived because I have never been big fan of high temperatures. After a couples of year practicing I can tell you has been was so worth it. It has not only helped me with the condition on my hands but with building up my discipline, concentration, strength, meditation, etc.

One of the things Bikram Yoga does is that the heath helps you to get deeper into the posture and reach more fresh blood in the areas where your body needs it.

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