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Review of the Present Moment Cafe, St Augustine, FL. by Ken Gibson

Present Moment Cafe, St Augustine

It’s taken me a while to write this review as I’ve been a bit busy with a few other projects. However, I was so impressed with this unassuming eaterie it would never to be too late to share my thoughts. A friendly and warm welcome was great start to our evening. Next though we had a nice problem. So many wonderful sounding and inventive dishes made it difficult for us to choose. However, with some advice from our waitress we settled on starters of Maki Sushi Rolls and Holy Guacamole Salsa. The sushi rolls were beautifully presented, being colourful and carefully arranged. At first glance there seemed to be a lot for a starter portion. However, unlike many sushi that I have tried these were expertly constructed of crunchy, fresh vegetables and saladings rather than cooked rice, making them delicate and light to eat. The guacamole was freshly made and full of flavour and just the right amount of heat, and a pleasureful combination with the home-made, light and crisp tortillas. My main course of the Sunlight Burger was another delicate and refreshing change from the many stodgy vegetarian burgers I have sampled. The flavours of mushroom, tomato, zucchini and nuts were enhanced and brought together with the delicious vegan provolone. My only criticism would be that I could have eaten more. My dining partner chose the Macro Burger. This was altogether a more substantial main course of a hearty, flavoursome burger,topped with an array of healthy fresh vegetables and salad. To drink we had a full-bodied, intensely flavoured, organic house red. Whilst The Present Moment Cafe may not be a chic venue, it is welcoming and relaxing. The service is unhurried yet attentive. The food imaginative, well prepared and full of flavour. If you’re in St Augustine you must try it.